West School Hosts State Fair

Schools and Libraries

June 13, 2014


Students of all grades at West Elementary School in Long Beach came together on June 6 to host the second annual state fair. Each class was assigned either one or two states to study in the weeks leading up to the celebratory event. All students worked on projects both in school and at home that showcased a landmark, characteristic or interesting fact about their respective state. Parents were invited to view the completed dioramas and poster boards during the morning, and students were allowed to visit other classrooms throughout the midday. An afternoon performance by the students that included dancing, music and a slideshow wrapped up the day's festivities.

"This is a culminating activity for the end of the year that students find to be extremely memorable," said Principal Sandra Schneider. "These projects taught the children the unique qualities of each state in a creative manner that encouraged them to be engaged learners."