Winter Composting Options Available for Evanston Residents-October 27, 2021

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October 30, 2021

From: City Of Evanston

EVANSTON, IL - City of Evanston weekly food and yard waste collections will end for the season on Thursday, December 9. To continue composting through the winter, residents are encouraged to sign up for the Winter Gap Composting Program offered by Collective Resource Compost (CRC), the City’s exclusive food scrap hauler.

The 16-week Winter Gap program allows residents to pay a one-time fee to have a food scrap collection container dropped off at their residence for weekly or biweekly swap outs. Service options include a five-gallon bucket or a 32-gallon neighbor tote, which can be shared by neighbor participants. Families of four typically have one bucket swap out weekly. The Winter Gap program begins the week of December 6 and continues through the week of March 28.

Residents who are interested in signing up for the service or have questions should contact Collective Resource Compost directly by filling out the contact form at collectiveresource.us.

Winter Gap program pricing begins at $82 for the season, which includes a weekly bucket swap out. Optional countertop containers, which can be used with any composting method, are available for an additional fee. Prepayment is required. CRC will email participants with the exact date their bucket or tote will be dropped off during the week of December 6 and will email swap out reminders throughout the program.

By participating in the program, residents help reduce the City’s climate impact. Composting helps reduce the amount of methane gas that enters the atmosphere, saves space in landfills, and returns the nutrients in food back to the soil.

The CRC food scrap collection service is offered year-round and customers may elect to continue the service beyond March 2022. Questions should be submitted via CRC’s contact form.