With Sky-High Inflation, We Can't Afford Not To Have Medicare For All

Government and Politics

August 3, 2022

From the gas pump to the grocery store, everyone is feeling the strain of higher prices. People and small businesses have been hit especially hard with rising health care costs where inflation and price gouging have been rampant for years.

The cost of healthcare went up 9.7% just between 2019 and 2020. The average American now pays $12,500 per year, about three times what a person in just about any other developed country pays. Yet the US also has some of the worst health outcomes among developed nations.

There is a better solution. Sign here to demand Medicare for All.

Nobody should have to go into debt to get the care they need. When opponents of Medicare for All say “how are you going to pay for it?” I tell them we are already paying for it, except now our money goes right to the pockets of for-profit insurance and healthcare executives. With Medicare For All we could negotiate for lower costs and put money back into the pockets of patients and essential healthcare workers.

But that’s not all. Medicare For All will give people more freedom to seek out work they love and not be tethered to employer-based health care. It will significantly reduce costs for small business owners. It will fuel the next generation of entrepreneurs. And it will ensure everyone in this country has access to quality healthcare. That’s a win-win-win-win for Americans.

Will you stand with me to demand the quality, affordable healthcare we deserve? Sign this petition: Congress must pass Medicare for All.