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November 22, 2013

WALTHAM, MA -- "It's amazing that there are about 5000 Beatles tribute bands roaming the globe, yet not a single other is doing what we are," explains Ad Boc, founder of AfterFab, the world's only musical tribute to the solo careers of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.  "We're aiming to fix a hole in the hearts of all Beatles fans who've wished that the 1970 break-up hadn't happened, and wonder what all those great solo recordings they made in the 70s would sound like, performed side-by-side in one show.  It's been challenging, but great fun."

Tribute bands are hot these days.  The tribute industry has taken off and experienced sharply increasing popularity in the past decade for at least two reasons.  One is retirement or curtailed touring among rock stars.  The other is skyrocketing ticket prices to see the big stars on stage.  So, rather than going without or going broke, fans have turned to high-quality tribute bands that often play the music more faithfully than the original artists ever did.

AfterFab are not impersonators.  For them it's all about the music, an approach made successful by other popular, high-fidelity tributes such as Get The Led Out, The Fab Faux, and The Australian Pink Floyd, who work hard at reproducing the sounds of the original records on stage.

"Beatles fans really appreciate all the accuracy you can muster," says Boc, "They want to hear the songs they way they remember them, with the sounds and arrangements that made those recordings classics in the first place.  We spent over a year rehearsing, and made a promotional video that really focuses on the sound, and reminds listeners of how outstanding the classic songs of the solo Beatles are.  And response has been great!"

AfterFab performs live on December 6 in Worcester at Viva Bene, and on December 13 in Cambridge at The Middle East Downstairs.  


If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with members of AfterFab, please feel free to contact the band via their web site, http://AfterFab.com.