WTAS: Fetterman Agrees To Debate Under Unusual Conditions

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September 20, 2022

WTAS: Fetterman Agrees To Debate Under Unusual Conditions

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — John Fetterman finally agreed to a debate hosted by Nexstar. Fetterman’s agreement comes with “unusual conditions” attached. What national and local media are saying:

The Washington Post: “Fetterman and Oz agree to October debate — with unusual conditions”

Newsweek:  “John Fetterman, Dr. Oz to Debate After a Month of Mail-In Voting”

WICU: Fetterman debate agreement comes with “unusual conditions.”

WPHL: Fetterman “came under pressure” to agree to a debate

WPVI: Oz campaign agrees to Fetterman’s list of “accommodations” for debate – Fetterman not yet agreed to 90-minute debate

As we made clear this morning, the Oz campaign is willing to accommodate Fetterman’s request for a date change and closed captioning during the debate – which is unprecedented and will not be available in the United States Senate. With these accommodations, the debate should be 90 minutes to account for delays with closed captioning. Nexstar is capable of hosting a 90 minute debate, and Pennsylvanians deserve to hear from both candidates the same amount as if the debate were NOT closed captioned.