Xarelto Attorney News Update: U.S. Judicial Panel Has Centralized Xarelto Lawsuits Filed Nationally in Louisiana

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December 22, 2014

The attorneys with the McDonaldWorley.com law firm handling internal bleeding and hemorrhagic stroke claims have announced an update to the multidistrict litigation panel has consolidated national claims in Louisiana

Houston, TX - Internal bleeding lawsuit claim attorneys with McDonaldWorley.com, have announced a news update regarding the decision of the U.S. Judicial panel for multidistrict litigation. The judicial panel decided to centralize filed lawsuits across the nation before District Judge Eldon E. Fallon according to a recent JPML transfer order issued December 12, 2014.

The McDonaldWorley.com law firm is representing clients in Xarelto lawsuits who allege their internal bleeding or stroke may have been linked to taking the medication manufacturered by Janssen Research and Development LLC.

A free legal review is available from the law firm for people who are have interest in more information regarding a Xarelto lawsuit.

According to an FDA resource about Atrial fibrillation and anticoagulant drugs, Xarelto, unlike other anticoagulants such as warfarin, reversal agents do not exist for use in patient cases significant bleeding occurs. In addition, a blood thinner FDA warning letter was issued to the manufacturers of Xarelto advising an update to advertisements alleging they 'minimized the risks' and make 'misleading claims'.

Plaintiffs assert in the Xarelto MDL that labeling of risks may not have been accurate in warning of the potential for serious internal bleeding, according to court documents.
The order to consolidate the claims in Louisana represents the courts decision to affirm that common claims do exist across the nation among the Xarelto lawsuits filed, according to the firm.

"People who have suffered a stroke or serious internal bleeding and who took Xarelto should contact our firm immediately, so we may investigate the details of the inquiry and determine whether they qualify to file a lawsuit," added Donald S. Worley, with the firm.

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