You can Still Shoot for the Stars this Summer with Bedtime Math! - for Kids Ages Two thorugh Grade 5

Schools and Libraries

June 30, 2014

From: Brookfield Library

Shoot for the Stars This Summer!
You can make math a fun part of everyday life.
This program began Monday, June 23 and will continue throughout the summer

The program is simple. Bedtime Math posts zany daily math riddles on their website, free app, and Facebook page. Every time kids do a math problem, they can track their progress using a fun connect-the-dots constellation chart and shiny star stickers available at the library. Kids can bring in their sparkling constellation chart and earn a Bedtime Math flashlight.

Examples of Questions

Wee Ones: If you twirl 3 strands of spaghetti on your fork while your cousin spins 5 strands, who has the bigger bite?
Little Kids: If you have 8 strands of spaghetti on your plate and you twirl 3 on your fork, how many strands of spaghetti are left on your plate?
Big Kids: If you bravely twirl 8 strands at a time, how many giant bites does it take to eat your plate of 72 noodles?
Questions? Contact Mary Proudfoot or Donna Crane