13th Door Haunted House

3184 South Parker Road

The 13th Door haunted house has been voted one of America's Best Haunted Houses. That means we are in the Top 13 haunted houses in the nation. That also means that the 13th Door is considered the #1 haunted house in the Denver Metro Area! So what makes The 13th Door such a good haunted house?

First it's the actors. No matter how great you build a haunted house, it really comes down to the people delivering the scares. High-tech effects, lights and sounds help, but they are not a substitute for a live person when it comes to surprising you. The 13th Door has great actors.

It really means a lot to us that people keep coming year after year and typically many times each year to see the hard work and great entertainment that is served at The 13th Door haunted house. What started out a just a bunch of friends getting together to try something fun, has transformed itself into a Denver haunted house landmark.

We are very greatful to those that come to be scared, those that do the scaring, and everyone that works behind the scenes to make Denver's best haunted house experience.