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3 Bee Farms

3 Bee Farms
14922 535th Street


Mike and Donna Brahms operate 3 Bee Farms with their sons, Steve and Shawn. They are a small family-owned business located in southwestern Iowa and offer a complete line of local honey and beeswax products, give tours of their honey , greenhouses and apple farms, do educational talks to interested groups and stay busy making and marketing products.

Several years ago the Brahms family purchased the Glen Robin Orchard near Griswold, IA.  Mike and Donna live there and Steve moved to the farm vacated by them near Cumberland, IA. Shawn retired from 20 years active duty in the Army and moved back here to help with the operation also.

3 Bee Farms sells honey, beeswax products, candles and produce at local farmers' markets. We will keep you posted which ones will be attended by 3 Bee Farms.

The on-site retail part of the business is located at the orchard near Griswold.  The Apple House is open for business during growing season and holiday season.  Their several acre gardens provide locally grown produce.  Iowa-made value added gifts, firewood, pies, cider and more are available for customers.  Apples  become available starting the end of July and continue through November.  There are 23 varieties of apples growing on 1200 trees, so ask about your favorite apple.

Autumn brings fall decorations including Indian corn, pumpkins and gourds.  Hayrides are given and many activities are planned for family outings. A playground, picnic areas, pumpkin patch, corn maze and games are available for family enjoyment. Come visit to see what is new and what you can see in an orchard besides apples and bees.