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305 Global Marketing Corp.

2412 NW 87th Place,
(844) 951-5111

We have put together the most EFFECTIVE and PROFITABLE system in the market, which allows you to EARN MONEY right away for each dollar and person that you and your entire organization generate. And all of this, starting with a small initial investment.  Our system does not focus on points. You don’t have to match your organization legs and get paid by the one with fewer points, the one that generates less money or the one that sells the least. This is so unfair.  Our system makes you MONEY for all your efforts and that of your organization, from the first day and even if you only generate $1. Now, this is powerful! You will have your own business where you can help your entire organization duplicate your SUCCESS. The more people in your team, the more PASSIVE INCOME.

The more they do the same, the more PROFITS for everybody. The bigger your organization, the more INCOME. A system that allows you to sell green, unique products without competition, that generate commissions without you having to buy them. You don’t need employees, a store, a payment and shipping system, we do everything for you.

A system that offers you a platform and a structure that took more than 2.5 million dollars 5 years to develop high-tech, unique products that are friendly to the environment and solve problems to millions of people. A system that does not limit you to a one city, state or country, because it available worldwide.

With the present situation that is happening all over the world, the majority of people do not have enough money saved to cover their expenses for not even (1) month. Things like rent, electricity, car payments, insurance, cellphone, food and groceries, etc. will become very difficult to have, do you know why? because they depend on job that gives them a paycheck week to week working from 9 to 5 and most jobs will be lost. They need to find new income streams that allow them


to endure this crisis and support their families. That's where OPPORTUNITY TO YOU fits in like a globe. A totally doable business with a huge potential. An option that can become THE SOLUTION to you, your family, and friends. Your secret to achieve  FINANCIAL FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND despite the present global situation.