Abundant Life Center

835 North Second Street

Vision Statement

God is inviting all of us to join Him as a fully functioning body with unity of purpose. He is inviting us to a intimate relationship with Him through prayer, prophetic worship and walking in the presence and power of His Spirit. As a church God is inviting us to be involved in the following areas in which we see He is moving in.

An undergirding of prayer, intercession and fasting as a lifestyle, both as individuals and as a body.

A vibrant and growing small group ministry where people are pastored and mature. Our small group ministry is to be viewed as one of the main foundational structures of ALC and from which flows the life of the body.

Reaching the next generations (ages 30ish and under):

A strong outward children’s ministry.
A strong discipling youth ministry.
Training and releasing to places of ministry and leadership

Effective harvest of a society that is becoming more secular and pagan.

Effective harvest is indicated by “Hitting a home run.
Training and releasing ministers of all ages and both genders

Touching families and giving a biblical model for living.

Parenting skills
Marriage skills
Stewardship skills

Extending help to the poor, fatherless and widows.

Becoming world citizens and a city church.

Missions involvement
Community wide church involvement

Being an agent of reconciliation where barriers exist, ie racial, social, etc.