Alexandria Balloon Flights

Alexandria Balloon Flights
48 Sky Manor Road

About Us:

Alexandria Balloon Flights (ABF) was started about 30 years ago by Kevin Olsen, who is also our primary pilot. Although ABF is located in Pittstown, NJ, we cater to the New York and Pennsylvania riders who are looking for an experienced and trustworthy company close by. Each flight is different as we are dependant on the wind for direction and speed. It is not uncommon for us to land in Pennsylvania when the wind is from the East.

Over the years, hot air ballooning over NJ and the surrounding areas of PA has provided us with countless memories, experiences and adventures on which to reflect. Ballooning adventures have taken us to many exotic places. In the 80s we flew in Northern France with the Forbes Magazine Balloon Team. Another adventure included co-organizing the “Big Apple Balloon Fest” out of Central Park in NYC. We operated the title balloon for Canon Cameras at the world’s largest international balloon fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We’ve flown in major balloon festivals in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta and Portland Oregon. Good Morning America even retained us to tether our balloon in NYC as an added attraction during their Summer Concert series.