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All Saints Episcopal Church

333 Tarpon Drive

The Long Range Planning Committee, led by the All Saints’ Mission Statement and with the approval of the Staff and Vestry, has created a Vision and 14 Goals to help guide the future for our Church. These will provide the foundation for our plans and actions over the next five years.

Our Mission:
We are being called to transform our community in the image of Christ made visible to all people, by the way we live our life in faith.

Our Vision:
A Christian community that shares its God given resources to love and serve all through quality, supported and sustained ministries.

Our Goals:

Create a welcoming, functional and pleasing space for All Saints members and guests.

Implement Inside Evangelism projects that strengthen our own commitments to Christianity and to the Community.

Build Outside Evangelism programs that establish ASEC as a Christian and Community resource.

Grow a flexible Christian Education Program able to meet changing community needs.

Establish an understanding throughout ASEC that fulfilling our Christian Responsibility provides the lifeblood for all programs and projects.

Enhance and expand our legacy of providing first-rate worship through an emphasis on liturgy, preaching, and music.

Nurture the membership growth trends at All Saints by increasing our exposure in the greater community, by inviting others to “come and see”, by building a welcome awareness of new members in the congregation, and by integrating new members into our parish life.

Engage all opportunities to develop the Endowment and Capital Resources.

Implement a pastoral watch for trauma events that includes parish awareness of available resources, timely identification of need, leadership team development, and emergency response procedures.

Develop a strong, organization structure defining chain of authority, staff and function relationships.

Develop leadership cultivation and growth programs.

Develop discipleship in the congregation.

Provide and make known to all the opportunities within the parish for a deeper understanding of faith.

Improve the ASEC experience through personal and group support programs.