All Saints Episcopal Church

1350 Waller Street

All Saints' Episcopal Church is an historic San Francisco church founded in 1904, located in the heart of the Haight /Ashbury district of the City. We observe the Anglo-Catholic tradition, first begun within the Church of England in the early 19th century, to deepen the church’s spiritual life by restoring traditional practices and theology in its worship services.

We offer a rich tradition of Christian worship and parish life reflecting the inclusive community in the Haight-Ashbury. We also provide community services through our Haight/Ashbury Community Services program. All Saints' Church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of California which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion through the Episcopal Church of the Untied States.

All Saints' Church is part of the Apostolic Church tradition, which for 2000 years has committed itself to teaching of the Good News of Christ’s Gospel and the teachings of the Apostles. Our principal service is the Holy Eucharist conducted in the traditions of the Mass first established in the 6th century.