Alta Vista Montessori School

1850 W. Winchester Road, Suite 201

Our Mission:

The mission of Alta Vista Montessori school is to provide a developmentally based learning environment founded upon Montessori principles that guide and nurture the natural blossoming of the whole child.


In 1998, educators dedicated to the educational theories of Dr. Maria Montessori, founded Alta Vista Montessori School. It was the first Montessori school established in the Village of Libertyville and it is the only AMI recognized Montessori School in Libertyville. Even though our school is young, we have grown from 10 students in our very first class to 100 students, which is our full capacity at our current facility. In 2002 our first Toddler Community class was established for children 18 to 36 months.

Our facility was designed especially as a Montessori school. Our classrooms are fully equipped with all the approved Montessori materials, filled with natural light and with access to outdoor play areas and gardens. Alta Vista Montessori School is recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), is a member of the Illinois Montessori Schools Association and is committed to the highest standards of Montessori education. Alta Vista Montessori School is a private school registered with the Illinois State Board of Education and the Toddler Community is licensed by DCFS.


H Jess

Monday, Dec. 11, 2017
Alta Vista is a warm, inviting AMI Accredited Montessori school where children and teachers have created a happy, loving community. On the day we visited a young boy came over and read a short book. Upon finishing the first book he got another book, and then another, and then another. After a while he looked cheerfully at us and said 'I can read'!!! Two five-year-olds were doing a map of the United States while a couple of younger children had a lesson on quadrilaterals. Other children were painting, writing, working with math materials and so on. Children who remain at Alta Vista Montessori through age five can read, write, explore four-digit mathematical equations, learn the countries and flags of the world, and much more - all with great enthusiasm! I highly recommend Alta Vista Montessori! Lynn Jessen, Forest Bluff School

Victoria Kim

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015
Alta Vista has been an amazing program at helping my child to be at her best in many areas: academics, leadership, sensitivity to others, as well as personal care of herself and the world around her. I initially chose the program because I saw that Alta Vista staff were committed to the emotional development of the children around them. This remains true. Also, she is now entering first grade above her peers in math, reading, and writing with the ability to empathize with others, be supportive to others, and be true to herself. I don't know that I will get this kind of gain, in her whole person, in any other educational setting from here forward. We will miss the amazing staff and students there. Thank you, Alta Vista! My daughter added, "It was very good. The work was very fun. I miss the teachers and the principal is very nice."

Isabella Valderrama

Friday, Jan. 27, 2017
My two children (ages 2 years and 4.5 years) have been attending Alta Vista since February 2016 and it's been a wonderful experience for all of us. My son is in the toddler community and he's learned to do so much for himself and with others! The directress is wonderful and the assistants are great; one of his first words was the teachers name! I'm also proud to say that he is 100% toilet trained and that wouldn't have been possible without the constant help (and changes!) from the guide and assistants. My daughter started out as one of the youngest in her class and she was slow to warm up but with the help of the directress, the assistant, and the environment, she emerged as one of the leaders in her room. I'm so proud of everything she has learned but mostly of how she has developed as a child-she's kind, helpful, eager to learn. She's been learning about word building and everyday she comes home having mastered something new like a song or something she's been working on like sound boxes. I love hearing about the new lessons she receives and her directress is not only knowledgeable but kind and encouraging. The school community is probably one of the most special communities I've ever been a part of. There are often parent events that focus on teaching parents about aspects of the Montessori method, theory, and environment and I always leave these events feeling uplifted and encouraged about the education my children are receiving. All in all, this has been a wonderful school and a beautiful experience for us all!

Lawlie Love

Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017