American Natya Festival

1780 Hawkins Road

American Natya Festival is a platform for to create, discuss, present - works, choreography, productions, innovations of Indian classical dances. It is an annual get-together of Classical Indian dance loving individuals, organizations to share their thoughts, ideas through the performances, discussions. This festival is a place to showcase new ideas, innovations which helps improve traditions and create new boundaries.

American Natya Festival is open to anyone, who is interested to bring valuable information on Indian classical dances – either on dance pedagogy or an artistic representation. We welcome all, to this forum to help bring awareness and enjoyment of ancient dance styles from Indian subcontinent.

Recent News

10th American Natya Festival

Welcome to 10th American Natya Festival - presenting the second Dance Drama Festival of USA.Dance Dramas and Individual performances will be presented by reputed Gurus of USA and IndiaThese are Romantic, Comedy, Tragedy, Spiritual, Historical and…

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