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American Relief Foundation for Kids

241 bunch lane, clinton, tn. 37716

American Relief Foundation For Kids

PN SVCS/arfforkids

Michael Nolan

Local Representative East Tennessee Region


P.O. Box 161, Clinton, tn, 37717

I am Michael Nolan, local representative for the American Refief Foundation for Kids. I was born and raised in clinton, tennessee. Me and my partner Donald Peltz are former U.S. Army soldiers and proudly support our troops in the tasks they face as protectors of justice in the interest of America and its allies as well as world peace. I have been repairing automobiles for over 25 years so I am more than capable of fixing anything on donated autos. Together me and donald have over 55 years combined experience in the automotive repair and salvage industry. Donald has a 22 year old son currently on active duty in the U.S. Navy. I have a 20 year old daughter, Amber who is enrolling in nursing school in the fall and two darling minor nieces, ashley and audrey. They are fortunate as they are not facing the poverty, lack of medical care, or transportation needs as many american children today. I have seen these kids up close and personal in the hills of tennessee several years ago doing home weatherization for East Tn Human Resources Agency, on TV and I and donald have decided to do my part to help these kids any way we can so we became associated with this national chrarity. As donald stresses frequently we are "doing the right thing." Now enough about us, I will continue about the charity.

Many of our American children today need help and unfortunately the government can not always provide the help they and their families need. That is why we are here, to generate income and transportation means to doctors appointments or simply to the grocery store as many of these children's parents can not afford dependable transportation due to today's economy. By generating income from either remarketing donated vehicles or donating the vehicles directly to needy families with children we can make a difference.

American Relief Foundations Mission

It's simple we are a charitable foundation, called the American Relief Foundation. We are a Tax Exempt Organization (501C3), whose main mission is to provide essentials of life to needy children in the United States through your charitable donations of vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, etc.). We accept cars in any condition running or not. Our drivers will issue you a receipt for your charity donation that can be deducted from your taxes. It's our way of saying thank you.

The American Relief Foundation is dedicated to helping kids in need. We achieve this goal by providing a way for people and business all across America to donate their unwanted or unneeded cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, or other vehicles. The money generated from these donated vehicles goes to charity to help those in need.

You get the satisfaction of knowing your unwanted vehicle has gone to raise money for services kids need. Your unwanted car or truck could be the answer to a family's prayers for basic transportation to a much needed job. If you don't want it, get rid of it, and feel good about how you've helped children and their families who really need help.

PN SVCS is protected under contract as the sole representative in the state of tennessee.

Don't Delay, Donate Today.

Michael Nolan, 865-771-0880 for online donation form