Anaheim Arts Council

Downtown Anaheim Community Center, 250 E Center Street

About Us:

The Anaheim Arts Council was established in 1977 by the City of Anaheim as an advisory council for arts and culture in Anaheim. The AAC encourages involvement of the community in programs that include culture, dance, drama, heritage, literature, music, and visual arts.The Arts Council raises funds through various means to award grants to groups to complete art, cultural and historical projects. Seed money grants are also be available, which recipients must repay. Outside grants and sponsors are sought to support these projects.The Anaheim Arts Council's Children's Festival, held annually each spring, provides a day of free or low cost activities and live performances for children, youth and families.Art in Public Places Recognition Awards are awarded by AAC annually to local businesses and community organizations that provide or promote murals, art in galleries, sculpture and other art forms for public viewing. AAC welcomes nominations for these awards from members of the community.