Angwin Village Church of Seventh-day Adventists

412 Circle Drive


The Angwin Village Church of Seventh-day Adventists is a multi-ethnic congregation that exists to proclaim the good news of the imminent return of Jesus Christ and to prepare people for this event.
We seek to fulfill the mission by:

Revealing both in our teaching and in our lives the unconditional love of our merciful creator for this little planet in rebellion, showing that He is not the cruel and vindictive tyrant that the devil has made Him out to be.

Seeking His personal presence in our daily experience through earnest prayer and Bible study, without which we could never accomplish any of our mission.

Carefully keeping the regular appointment that He has made with this world on His holy Sabbath, the seventh day of each week, which He blesses and sanctifies with His own presence so that we can enjoy quality time bonding with our heavenly Father.

Encouraging our members and visitors to bring still others to meet together to worship Him. Especially each Sabbath, but also at other times, with sacred songs, prayer, praise, testimonies, teaching, sharing, and tithes and offerings.

Providing all the same opportunities to our many Spanish-speaking neighbors.

Reaching out to all of our neighbors in Napa County and far beyond with personal ministries, distribution of truth-filled literature, and financial support for faithful Seventh-day Adventist evangelists and missionaries in many languages around the world.

Resisting the pressures from without and within to deny or abandon many of the distinctive doctrinal truths and standards of conduct that the Holy Spirit has brought to our attention through His inspired Word and testimonies.

Promoting healthful living, not merely for our own comfort and enjoyment, but so that we might have clearer minds and stronger bodies in order to carry out our mission and serve our Lord and Savior most effectively.