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Antelope Crossing Middle School

9200 Palmerson Drive

Antelope Crossing Middle School welcomed its first students in August 1994, and created something of a sensation among educators and school architects for its education program and facility design.

Antelope Crossing Middle School meets the two challenges of effective middle schools. First, it provides students with the skills they need to be successful in high school. Second, it conveys a sense of belonging for students, that is, a connection to the goals, purpose and the people of the school. Interdisciplinary teaming enables the middle grade students to accomplish these goals.

The facility supports the instructional program. Each grade level is housed in separate buildings, or “quads” and then broken up into smaller teams. Students rotate through a teacher team assigned to each student for core classes – math, social studies, language arts and science. All student team members have the same teachers and all teacher teams have the same students. Additionally, students participate in a rigorous physical education program and learn a variety of other skills via their exploratory class. Students can become connected to ACMS by their involvement in after school sports, clubs, leadership programs, band, choir and yearbook.

Staff members of Antelope Crossing Middle School stand behind the community’s high academic and behavioral expectations for all students. The 1,100 students, 50 certificated and 25 classified staff members all work together to provide an outstanding academic program for all students.

The philosophy of Antelope Crossing Middle School is rooted in the commitment to establish an educational program that seeks to meet the needs of youth in transition from the self-contained classroom of elementary school to the departmentalized setting of high school. Middle school instruction emphasizes academic integrity while making an emotional connection with students.