Antioch University

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Antioch University Los Angeles' Mission:
Antioch University Los Angeles is an independent institution that provides traditional education for working adults through innovative graduate and undergraduate academic programs. An Antioch University Los Angeles education empowers the student to act responsibly and to effect personal, social and environmental change within a global context. The Antioch University approach emphasizes:the development of the student as a whole person;he integration of academic and experiential learning;creative, critical and independent thinking.

This approach to education springs from Antioch's long-standing heritage of making learning meaningful and vital while promoting social justice. Given Antioch's student-centered approach to education and its commitment to intellectual, social, cultural and ethnic diversity, the faculty's primary duties are to teach and advise, as well as to engage in the intellectual dialogue of their profession. In addition, faculty, staff and students work with local communities to provide leadership and service, participating as broadly as possible in civic affairs.

Vision Statement
Antioch University Los Angeles strives to promote a spirit of inquiry as a multi-cultural, intergenerational, and accessible institution, which values and nurtures an innovative, reflective, and experiential approach to educational excellence.
Building on our history and fostering creativity and leadership, we, the community of Antioch faculty, students, staff, and alumni -- centering ourselves in compassion, ethical steadfastness, and a never-ending belief in the possible -- carry this vision into the world.

Values Statement
We value and commit to model in our lives and our work:
global perspectives and knowledge of the interconnected context in which we act; coalitions across groups for building common ground; social justice, support for a sustainable environment, and community partnerships; anti-racism as an imperative of the historical moment in which we live;human dignity and dismantling ethnic biases, heterosexism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, discrimination based on religious, cultural and political affiliations, and other forms of oppression; an intellectual climate that acknowledges the whole person, focusing on wisdom, creativity, experience, and skills needed to promote social change.