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Antoine Lours

309 W 30th St # 1B

Antoine Lours is an enthusiast chef-de-cuisine, wine expert, and a global gastronomy connoisseur. Born in Paris, France, Antoine spent over 15 years cooking recipes from around the world inspired by his international work travel. He learned about French, Japanese, Spanish, Basque, Moroccan, and other international kitchens (to name a few) as his career in finance took him around the world. Antoine Lours approaches food as art, pairing meals with perfect wine selections every time - his favorite dishes include made-by-hand foie gras, lemon zest crepés, Coquilles St Jacques (scallops), Homard à l'Americaine (a dish he learned directly from his grandmother in Brittany), gratin dauphinois, beef bourguignon, and many others. Antoine’s cooking style and methods are greatly influenced by his late grandmother who came from Brittany on the West Coast of France and was a big gastronomy enthusiast.