Antonia Fire Protection District

6633 Moss Hollow Road

Our Mission :

To continue providing quality fire protection services.

Manage your District with effectiveness - paying particular attention to financial integrity.

To continue to educate our citizens on fire prevention and safety.

Establish high standards to provide knowledgeable, well trained and competent firemen for the continued safety of the citizens of your District.

Utilize all resources available in efforts to gain lower fire insurance rates for the citizens of the District.

Our History:

In 1953 a group of concerned citizen joined together to establish the first fire department in Antonia, Missouri. Through donations, fundraisers and the sale of fire tags this group of volunteers was able to raise enough funds to purchase our first fire engine and build a small fire house. By 1972 it was evident that the all volunteer fire department could no longer survive on donations, fundraisers and the sale of fire tags. With a vote of the people the Antonia Fire Protection District was established and funds were now generated by a levy of property taxes.

Today the Antonia Fire Protection District provides fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue service to thirty-six square miles of Jefferson County. We furnish service to all or part of the rapidly growing communities of Antonia, Barnhart, Imperial, Otto, and Seckman. The district operates three fire stations with a staff of nineteen paid personnel and twenty volunteers.

Our Future:

The future will require the district to fund and hire additional paid staff to meet the growing needs of the community and to provide a better level of protection to our citizens. We will also continually need to maintain, update and replace out dated equipment, apparatus and facilities to ensure our success. Our goal is to continually expand our capabilities to have a safer community with lower insurance rates.