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Apple Annie's Orchard

Apple Annie's Orchard
2081 West Hardy Road

About Us:
Apple Annie’s is a family farming operation, owned and operated by John and Annie Holcomb, son Matt and wife Alicia, daughter Mandy and husband David Kirkendall and John’s father, Don. The 4300’ elevation of the Sulphur Springs Valley provides us with the warm days and cool nights that make Willcox the premier you-pick fruit and vegetable growing area in Arizona for pumpkins, delicious sweet corn, melons, pumpkins and many other vegetables.

When we planted the first apple trees we asked God for His blessing and guidance in this new venture, but we never envisioned the plans that He had for us! We planned for a commercially harvested crop, but His plans were for us to share our orchard, the farm experience, and the lifestyle that we love, with thousands of families from around the state. With our fourth generation now getting started in our family business, we consider it a real privilege to be able to offer an old-fashioned farm experience to today’s busy families!

Recent News

Asian Pear Fair 2016

Celebrating the most unique, and possibly the most delicious fruit that we grow, the round, oh-so-sweet and juicy Asian Pears! Enjoy free samples of Asian Pears Start your day with our famed “All-You-Can Eat” pancake with pear topping…

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Apple Harvest Celebration 2016

Celebrate the peak of the apple season with several varieties of crispy, delicious, tree-ripened apples! Experience the fun of picking your own apples, or select from already picked apples. Come early to enjoy the delicious “All You Can Eat”…

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Peach Mania Festival 2015

A celebration of Willcox Peaches, featuring sweet & juicy tree-ripened peaches! The 16th annual Peach Mania starts with a delicious “All You Can Eat” Peaches & Pancakes breakfast served from 7:30 AM-10:30 AM each Saturday and Sunday. …

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