Arapahoe County Fairgrounds and Regional Park

25690 East Quincy Avenue

Our multi-use facility is an excellent venue for exhibitions, conferences, trade/auto shows, livestock shows and other private events.

Arapahoe County offers residents a Fair that celebrates Americana and our agricultural heritage while creating a fun memorable experience for its guests.   The 2009 Arapahoe County Fair will be held July 22-26.


Kay Bee

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018
Went here for an antiques / vintage show. We were able to park close to the building. Building was nice and well maintained. It's a little far out in the boonies unless you live in Aurora.

Ivan Moreno

Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017
This is a great place to have your party in, it is a little under rated, or many people do not know about this. Highly recommended.

Victor Parada

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Enjoy the place nice for birthday parties.

Rick Horsley

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017
We had a wedding reception at this facility and it was very accommodating. It served our needs very well and made the reception party a great success, seating over 300 people.

Lurch warner

Sunday, July 30, 2017
Other than the racist that ran the Ferris wheel it wasn't bad. And also the Jesus saves dude was cramming his religion in my face saying I was a none believer that I am going to burn in hell even my 7 yr old child that was there at the time thought that the guy was rude and harassed us because we have different religion preference that was his choice. You fire both those guys and I would give it a 5 star.