Arizona Centennial of Quartzsite


Quartzsite will celebrate the Arizona Centennial all year long, beginning the weekend of February 12, 2011 with a quilt show, ATV parade, and concert. Among our many signature events, there are new events planned with the theme of "Happy Birthday, Arizona!" Quartzsite is known as the "Rock Capital of the World" and hosts the world's largest Rock and Gem Show of its kind!

The Arizona Centennial Committee of Quartzsite realized this is a perfect opportunity for the community to come together! Organizations and clubs assembled in October creating a comprehensive calendar for the year. This first ever cooperative effort signifies Quartzsite as a community sharing in the joy of working together.

Quartzsite is a unique community, welcoming thousands of visitors to the warm Sonoran desert winters. Snowbirds flock to our small town, bringing their life experiences, creativity, musicality, and love for fun in the sun!

Quartzsite is a year-round community, with unique activities planned for the Arizona Centennial year, beginning February 12, 2011 thru February 14, 2012. Check out for more information.