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Arizona Tax Revolt

PO Box 83, Bullhead City, AZ 86430-0083

A state wide grass roots organization dedicated to Property Tax Reform. This measure will likely save you hundreds and maybe more each year.

Arizona's Property Tax system was written by Government to assure them virtually unlimited tax revenue. We have flipped this in favor of the taxpayer with rollbacks in both the levy (property tax portion of budget) and valuations. In addition there are several other protections that put the voter/taxpayer in the driver's seat by requiring a 2/3 vote in a November election to raise property taxes in excess of the Levy limit.

Our valuation system is patterned after Prop 13 from California. We have added a significant enhancement. All property owners will have valuations normalized to a 2003 baseline rather than tracking market value or acquisition cost. In other words, your valuation will be reduced to what it was in 2003. All new properties will also be valued to what they would have been if they were valued in 2003. Valuation increases are limited to 2%/year.

As a volunteer you can help circulate the petition to qualify the initiative constitutional amendment for the November 2008 ballot. To learn more and to sign up as a volunteer or to make a much needed contribution please visit our WEB site.