Arthur Rann Elementary School

515 South Eighth Avenue

Arthur Rann Elementary School is home to a diverse student body of approximately 650 children in grades one through six. The school is a vibrant learning community of students, teachers, administrators, and parents/community members working together as partners to provide all children with a positive and productive school experience.

Everyone at Rann is heavily invested in kids, thus our slogan:

At Rann Everyone Succeeds

All members of the school family are committed to:

Providing a safe, welcoming, and supportive school environment Setting high expectations for student learning Opening avenues of communication between school and home

The total school population performs well on state assessments and continues to achieve standard in all categories measured. This includes attendance, as well as their ability to read, write, and perform mathematics. Arthur Rann Elementary remains committed to meeting the rigorous requirements established by the “No Child Left Behind” legislation and setting goals that exceed federal and state mandates.

Our instructional program addresses the individual learning needs of all children. Instructional support, both inside and outside the regular classroom, provides remedial and enrichment opportunities for students in basic skills (EI and AIM), English Language Learning (ELL), and the gifted program (GEM). In-class support and co-teaching models bring classified students into the mainstream.

A variety of approaches and materials helps accelerate literacy development. At the primary level each day, our balanced literacy program engages the children in meaningful whole class, small group, and personal reading and writing experiences. In conjunction with our goal of promoting reading as a life long leisure activity, reading incentive programs encourage the children to read independently in order to meet personal reading goals. Literature circles are incorporated into lessons in grades 4-6 to generate student discussion and increase comprehension of selected novels.