Asian Business Association of Orange County

2960 South Daimler Street

Mission and Goals:

The Asian Business Association of Orange County provides Asian Americans the opportunity to gain access to economic advancement through networking, education, and community representation.

The Asian Business Association of Orange County (ABAOC) was founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization to meet the needs of growing Asian businesses in Orange County. Since its inception, it has organized networking mixers, procurement events, and outreach programs.

ABAOC is the host of the successful Annual Procurement Conference of     Orange County. This popular event started in 2000 and has provided all businesses with the opportunity to gain procurement contracts from major corporations.

ABAOC has united many different ethnic business organizations and chambers of commerce to form one of the most diverse and powerful business organizations in the community. Its board of directors, officers, and members come from many cultural backgrounds and work harmoniously together to foster business opportunities for its members.

The organization has built close relationship with other local, state and national organizations to gain access to economic opportunities and to voice the concerns of Asian businesses to all levels of the government. Through its large network of members and association with other groups, ABAOC empowers its members and Asian businesses to thrive. ABAOC is a major participant in the formation of the Asian Business Association of America, an organization that represents the interests of Asian businesses all over the country to the Federal government.