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AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing

2330 E. Diamond Ave
(480) 773-3694




Richard Kaiser, the owner of AZ Countertop is a 30 year veteran of the countertop industry, with extensive experience from preparing and cutting materials to installing and final adjustments for tens of thousands of countertops. He has worked on large commercial projects, as well as small residential, and everything in between.


When your countertop doesn’t look quite right and you need a slick finish, AZ Countertop is here to help! Whether you need a countertop repaired in Queen Creek, or a counter refinished in Gilbert, or even a section of countertop replaced, AZ Countertop is able to restore any Corian counters in the Valley to their original pristine condition.


Countertops, with the proper care and sealing can last for a lifetime. Richard Kaiser is here to make sure you only have to repair your countertops once. Whether you are looking to raise value before you sell your home or are just looking to give your kitchen or bathroom the certain something,  AZ Countertop is here to help!


If you are an Arizona resident who needs countertops repaired, replaced or refinished call today at 480-773-3694 or Email us at for a consultation.


AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing


2330 E. Diamond Ave,

Mesa, AZ 85204




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