Baltimore Bend Vineyard

Baltimore Bend Vineyard
27150 Highway 24

Open: Year-round

Baltimore Bend Vineyard is a family owned and operated business located in the northeastern corner of Lafayette County along historic Highway 24, 5 miles west of Waverly. Baltimore Bend Vineyard, which takes its name from a nearby bend in the Missouri River and a sunken boat named 'Baltimore,' rests along the path of the expeditionary company of Lewis & Clark and parts of the Santa Fe Trail. 

This area in northeastern Lafayette County marks the southern boundary of glacial fields during the Ice Age. As the ice retreated, blowing winds deposited deep, fertile, silt loam soil that is excellent for growing grapes.At Baltimore Bend Vineyard, our philosophy is the grapes make the wine. That's why we focus on producing the highest quality grapes so that we can produce excellent wines.