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Bane Haunted House

Bane Haunted House
618 West 46th Street
+1 212-707-8530


In a dark desolate house deep in the woods of Livingston, New Jersey, lived a quiet family of four, the Bane's. There was Judy Bane, the mother who worked nights at a local diner. Michael Bane, a frustrated scientist, who worked tirelessly at trying to find the cure for the common cold. Jack Bane, a young introverted boy with few friends, and last but not least there was Jennifer Bane, a beautiful girl with skin that looked like it was made of porcelain. Feeling as if red tape and lack of vision was hampering his research, Mr. Bane decided to quit his job at the local hospital and began running trial tests on animals in his lab desperately seeking a cure. One cold evening, Jennifer sneaks into the barn and starts to play with one of the rabbits her father has been testing. All of a sudden, the rabbit sinks his teeth into her and takes a bite of Jennifer's hand. A few days go by and Jennifer has yet to tell her parents that she has been bitten; instead she has been hiding out in her room because she's been experiencing some unusual sensations. She's tired, feverish, and hungry…hungry for blood. One fateful morning, Mr. Bane decides to check in on his animals in the family barn and he notices that all of their cages have been opened and some of the animals have been torn to shreds. He thinks to himself that either a bear or wolves from the woods must have entered the barn at night and killed the animals, until he notices his beautiful daughter Jennifer hiding under one of his lab tables. Mr. Bane reaches out to her only to notice that half of her face is missing and she's sitting in a pool of blood. To his surprise, Jennifer has been feeding on his test animals. As Mr. Bane tries to coax Jennifer out of her hiding place, she lunges at him and begins to feed on his body.

A week goes by and a local NJ high school decided to take a camping trip. A group of kids stray away from their group and stumbles upon the dark desolate house in the woods and notice a foul stench coming from inside. They enter, only to find the bodies of Judy Bane, Jack Bane, and Michael Bane torn to shreds, covered in flies. But where is their young beautiful daughter, Jennifer? The police thought the family was mauled by a bear or a pack of wolves, but when the saliva from their wounds was tested, there was no evidence of animal DNA, but instead the saliva was from a human...