Barley Creek Brewing Company

Barley Creek Brewing Company
1774 Sullivan Trail


When the cornerstone for Barley Creek Brewing Company was laid in marked the start of what would become one of the most historic buildings in America-The building would eventually grow to include 132 rooms. 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces,a tennis court, swimming pool, movie theater and bowling alley. Oh, wait... that's the White House.

Sorry. Barley Creek Brewing Company, the Pocono Mountains' original brewpub. was established in 1995 with a traditional Pennsylvania timber-frame barn raising. And though our building is a little bit smaller than the White House, we have a lot of stuff the White House doesn't have, like 600 personalized beer mugs hanging in our "living room," a full canoe on top of our mug rack, a mailbox made out of a beer keg (the "alebox"), and an official wiffle ball stadium. Plus, we have a BREWERY (!) where we MAKE OUR OWN BEER! Hey. we're sure the White House is a nice place and all. but we're just saying... we'd rather be at Barley Creek.