Bay View Baptist Church



Seeking love, unity, and passion, the mission of Bay View Baptist Church is to introduce and disciple others and to serve our communities personally, locally and globally as God directs.

1) Lovers and worshipers of God in Spirit and Truth

2) Present the Good News of reconciliation and redemption to our Oikos and through the support of World Missions including sending those called to Missions.

3) Enrich and support those associated with BVBC by ministering to their needs.


About Us:
We accept the Holy Scripture as the inspired word of God and our authority for faith and practice. We recognize all who accept Jesus as Savior and Lord  regardless of denomination, as our brothers and sisters in Christ. We thus observe open communion and have fellowship and united work through local ministerial associations, and other inter-denominational work.

We are a diverse congregation made up of mostly pacific rim peoples. Our ages range from young growing families to seniors. We share a diversity of food at our fellowship gatherings, including Filipino, Itallian, Mexican, American, Irish, German, Polish.


Rodolfo Aguilar

Monday, Nov. 6, 2017