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BB Events

817 Linden Avenue

I have always been a planner. Just ask my friends and family. They will tell you how I can't just sit back and watch something not get planned. I have a knack for detail and organization that allows me to see things that most people don't which adds a unique flavor to each of my events. Putting all of those details together to create a meaningful, memorable, stress-free experience for clients and guests is one of my favorite things about event planning - besides checking things off of my list! From day one to event day, I have eyes on everything so that my clients, partners, sponsors and vendors don't have to worry, and they can focus on doing what they do best. I love to plan, and I love to create amazing experiences for and with people. It's not just about planning and delivering, but creating a conversation around the "why" of an event so together, we can effectively and thoughtfully meet goals with intent.