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Beaverdam Elementary School

15485 Beaverdam School Road

Mission Statement:

The mission of Beaverdam Elementary School is to provide a quality education for all students while recognizing the uniqueness of each child.

For our Students we will provide challenging, successful learning experiences. Realizing that all children can learn, we will maintain high expectations for our students' academic achievements. By recognizing and adjusting to individual needs, we will promote each student's scholastic success, confidence and self-esteem. In order to prepare life-long learners who are able to cope with an ever-changing society, we will develop students' problem solving and decision-making skills and provide opportunities for independent study. Current technology will be integrated throughout the school in order to increase the effectiveness of classroom instruction and to prepare students for the workplace of the future. We will provide a safe environment that is conducive to child-centered learning. Students will develop into responsible citizens, as we increase their knowledge of local, state, national, and world communities.

For our Staff members, we will provide a pleasant working environment that encourages and supports creativity, cooperation and accountability. Through shared decision making, we will value and support our staff's professional judgement. Employees will participate in developing and presenting staff development activities. We will encourage and assist the staff to reach their fullest potential by continuing their professional education through courses, conferences, workshops, and current literature.

For our Parents, we will welcome parental involvement and decision making in the school, and develop a climate in which parents feel a sense of partnership. We will be conscientious in our professional and ethical responsibilities for the education and physical well-being of their children. A strong communication network will assist parents by supplying clear and continuous information concerning student achievements and by providing ideas and suggestions on working with children.

For the Citizens of Hanover County, we will demonstrate responsible management of the resources entrusted to the school. We will provide our students a foundation of skills to become responsible citizens. By regularly inviting the community into the school and encouraging interaction with all ages and aspects of the community, we will foster a sense of community pride and ownership. We will provide a well maintained, attractive school that is available as a community meeting place.

We believe that an active partnership of students, staff, parents, and community is necessary for a quality school system. Working together we can enhance the educational process and ensure our students' success.