Beaver's Christmas Tree Farm

Beaver's Christmas Tree Farm
4382 Farm to Market 1009

This is a fully functioning Christmas tree farm, so expect everything you would think of when visiting a farm. We are outdoors so dress appropriately for the weather, as well as taking into account the fact that you will be walking through open fields of Christmas trees to pick your perfect tree.

When you arrive, you will be given a measurement stick to carry with you that helps you measure trees up to 20 feet in height! Simply take a troll through the acres of beautiful trees and pick the perfect tree for your season. Once you have found the tree, you can either wait for one of the professional tree cutters to come along or you can ring one of the huge bells they have on property. (You could also just call the farm number (409) 253-2372, if you need to get technology involved).

Once the tree cutter finishes, they will bring the tree up to the front, shake the tree, trim it up to perfection, then package the tree up in plastic netting to protect both the tree and your car on the way home. The friendly staff will do everything for you - cutting, packing and loading. You just have to do the picking.