Bee Sweet Orchards

Bee Sweet Orchards
2229 Pannel Road


Continuing the Haight Legacy through their guidance, Paul & Veronica Winkler have purchased the Haight Orchards. We thank you in advance for your continuing support.

We have 3 acres of apples, featuring 9 varieties (among them Ginger Gold, Gala, Red & Golden Delicious, Jonagold & Mutsu) and 4 acres of peaches, all of which are freestone. We feature pick your own and already-picked apples usually available from late July/early August thru end August. No pick your own on Mutsu, Early Fuji, McIntosh & Cortland.  Our peaches and nectarines are already picked and sold from our barn and usually begin early/mid-July thru late August. We are open seasonally from early/mid- July through the end of August.

PEACHES & NECTARINES - We grow 14 varieties of peaches and 5 varieties of nectarines. Almost all are freestone and great for eating, canning or freezing.

We begin our apple picking season with Gingergold and Galas. Then 7 more varieties follow at intervals (Please see the "Fruit Schedule" page). Apples are pick your own or already picked (No pick on peaches, nectarines, Mutsu, Early Fuji, McIntosh & Cortland).