Beer Valley Brewing

937 SouthEast 12th Avenue


Beer Valley Brewing Company is a small, independent microbrewery located in Eastern Oregon. Founded in 2005 by brewer Pete Ricks, the brewery started production in Ontario, Oregon in the summer of 2007. Specializing in the production of strong ales, the brewery currently produces 6 brands year round, plus occasional seasonals. Beer Valley Brewing beers are available in the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Alaska.


Michael T

Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010
Everytime I go through Ontarion for work, I almost always stop at the Red Apple Market in Ontario, the only place I know that carries them all, to pick up a few bottles. Haven't made it to the brewery itself yet. I looked around for it the other day when I was through there, and none of the locals had heard of it. Their loss. Fantastic beers. Leefer Madness IPA is open on my desk now, and the Black Flag is also phenomenal. Often here at Portland BrewFests, and a few other places, but definitely one of my favorite breweries, and certainly worth the effort.

Kristian Ramirez

Monday, Dec. 28, 2015