Belle Mountain Ski Area


Belle Mountain was a small, community type of ski area that operated in Mercer County. It was founded sometime in the late 1960's, and closed officially in 1998, though it was last skied in the first few months of 1997.

Initially, there were just 2 rope tows, from 1965-1968. A chair was installed in 1969, which, according to, was a 786' long Hall Double, that moved 350'/min, served 1000 skiers per hour on a 175' vertical drop. Later on, the ski area had 4 lifts, and about 7 "trails", though there were only really three ways down from the top (longest trail just 1100'), and a couple of smaller beginner slopes near the bottom. The main lift was a a top to bottom Hall double chair. A top to bottom rope tow also brought skiers to the summit. A Pony lift and a smaller rope tow served the beginner's area.

Here's an overhead view of the mountain, looking from the base to the summit. This map has been reversed - true north is where south usually would be. 1's are rope tows (one on far right was top to bottom), 2 is the Hall Double Chair, and 3 is the Pony lift.


James Moon

Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014
Skiing has been closed for years, but it's a great sledding spot. It's owned my Mercer County Parks, so is open and free to the public.

Sean Miles

Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014
Our wrestling team comes out here once a year starting around Patriot's Crossing and run to this mountain. Good time.