Belly Acres Christmas Tree Farm

Belly Acres Christmas Tree Farm
665 Royal Avenue

Our History:

The property was purchased in 1966. At that time it was a productive apple orchard. Look closely and you will see an apple on top of the tree on our road sign (see photo at top of page). Dad, Charles, was an engineer and mom, Eileen, a homemaker with three small children Chucky, Ron, and Jason. The boys would eat too many apples and get a belly ache. Mom would say "quit your belly aching," referring to the complaining about the belly ache. This is how the name of our farm came about.

Growing apples did not go well and the apple orchard fell into disrepair. In a few years, mom acquired some evergreen seedlings from the state for their reforestation program. These trees were planted across the road with three little helpers. Mom would dig the holes and have the boys hand her trees to plant. When she got to the end of the row, she turned around and there were no trees planted! It seems that the boys had been pulling out the ones she just planted and handing them to her. Well, after sorting that out, the trees grew. A few years later some friends visited and said, "hey, could i get one of those trees for a Christmas tree?" From this the tree farm was born. The remnants of those first trees are still growing. You can see the giant White Pine across the road behind the parking lot.

After many years of trial and error, the farm is how you see it today. Mom and dad continue growing Christmas trees while enjoying their retirement years. Belly Acres hopes that everyone will have a wonderful experience harvesting their tree and enjoy a Merry Christmas!