Berkeley League of Women Voters

1414 University Avenue, Suite D

The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, grass roots organization, that acts on selected governmental issues. It promotes political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. Membership is open to all citizens, men and women, 18 years old and over.

The League, founded on February 14, 1920, grew out of the woman suffrage movement, which had arisen in the United States in the years before the Civil War. This movement culminated in the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Effective August 26, 1920, this amendment granted women the vote.

From the beginning, the League has pursued two major goals:

To encourage more active and informed participation of citizens in government, the League provides a variety of voter services. These include voter registration campaigns, voter education materials, such as Pros & Cons of state and local ballot measures. The League also provides speakers to local groups, and sponsors candidates' meetings.

To advocate on public policy issues based on League principles and positions. League positions reflect the consensus of members after engaging in thorough study and discussion of selected issues.

The League is strictly nonpartisan. It supports and opposes issues, never candidates nor political parties.

Organized parallel to the levels of government (national, state, region, county and local), the League's work is vital to the well being of our democratic system.

Recent News

Health Care Team Regular Meeting

Current Activities: We are working with the California League of Women Voters as part of the statewide coalition for a single payer plan, the Campaign for a Healthy California. We are preparing for our post-election activities in lobbying the…

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Judicial Elections: What You Need to Know

We need to keep our judicial system fair and beyond the influence of special interest money. See a powerful video on judicial elections. Education is key; lack of knowledge threatens fair and impartial courts, which are the cornerstone of American…

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Voter Services Team Organizing Meeting - Brown Bag Lunch

Voter Services Organizing Meeting - Brown Bag Lunch The Voter Services Team is organizing now for the 2014 election year. Join us for a Brown Bag Luncheon meeting. Tea, water, and cookies provided. We will be making plans for smooth effective…

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Environmental Concerns: Fracking

Join us for Environmental Concerns with Aria Cahir of the Sierra Club speaking: “Is Hydraulic Fracturing of the Monterey Shale Formation Creating the New California Gold Rush?” California sits atop a 1,700-square-mile oil shale deposit that…

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Bay Area League Day

The League of Women Voters of the Bay Area invites you to attend its annual Bay Area League Day forum, this year entitled “A New Vision for Bay Area Open Space.” Topics will include the extent of lands now permanently protected and areas still…

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Program Planning for LWVBAE and LWVUS

Join us to decide what issues our League wants to emphasize, what we want to publicize, lobby about, spend our time and money on, or study. We will meet to decide, not only for our League, but also to recommend what we feel are important issues for…

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Money in Politics Team

Join our work in educating and advocating for clean, transparent elections! California’s good campaign disclosure laws need to be strengthened so that voters get the information they need when it matters most. In 2013, we supported SB 2, SB 3 and…

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