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Best Cheap Car Lease Deals

507 Washington St
(201) 234-4952

Mon - Fri 9am – 7pm Sat 9am – 1pm

Cash, all cc, checks.


One of the ways that we can get so many people approved for auto financing here in New Jersey is that we work with dozens of different lending institutions. We’ll submit your information to them all so they can decide if they want to offer you a loan. The companies that do want to finance your vehicle will all have to compete against each other to earn your business, which often means you will get a very low interest rate. One of the best parts of all this is that we will be handling the vast majority of the work for you, so you can focus on finding the perfect vehicle for your situation.

Once you tell us what type of vehicle you are interested in, our team will scour the dealerships in the region to find which ones have what you want. We’ll then work on your behalf to negotiate with them to get you that car for the lowest possible price. Since these dealerships know that we work with many companies in the area, and that we have already done all the leg work on the sale, they are able to give us the car for a much lower rate. All these things can be passed on to you in the form of savings that will reduce your monthly payment.

At Best Cheap Car Leasing Deals, you can trade in your old vehicle or terminate your lease. If the amount you owe on your car is less than the trade-in value, our trade-in process can be quick and simple. We are your new car leasing advocates that want to provide a positive and well-serviced experience.