Bethel College

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An evangelical Christian college affiliated with the Missionary Church, Bethel is uniquely qualified to provide educational opportunities for all students, traditional and nontraditional, who are interested in a liberal arts program of studies with career and personal growth orientations. A coeducational college, it offers studies including master's, baccalaureate and associate degrees for the broad spectrum of students and in a variety of settings.

Furthermore, the college is located in an urban community with rich educational and cultural resources, and it participates in a consortium of colleges and universities where educational opportunity is enhanced through the sharing of these resources.

Recognizing that the future offers opportunities and challenges which must be met by a responsive academic community, the college affirms its commitment to provide liberating and relevant academic programs, while holding to its Christian responsibility to be a witness and participant in the contemporary world. As a Christian college, we accept the person of Jesus Christ and His gospel as normative for the values we seek to understand, live and communicate.


Bethel College is a growing, dynamic, progressive institution committed to its mission as an evangelical Christian college and its covenant with the Missionary Church. We intend to focus our energies and resources toward developing an institution known for the following:

Vibrant Community - Bethel College will be an institution of Christian higher education known for its spiritual vitality and vibrant community ethos. Programming in the areas of spiritual formation, life calling, social life, fitness and wellness, arts and culture, and ethnic diversity will be further strengthened and developed over the next decade.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning - It is our intent to build upon the college's strong foundation as an institution committed to quality teaching and the model of faculty members who serve as guides to the educational journey of our students. We will invest and improve in the areas of outcomes assessment, qualified and effective faculty, and learning environments.

Service to Others - We will strengthen our service to others on two fronts. First, we commit ourselves to strengthening our service to students by applying the principles of continuous quality improvement throughout the institution's administrative and academic support systems. Second, we will seek to expand the college's service to the community as a witness and testimony of our Christian faith through expanded programming in the areas of volunteer service, missions, and investment of our personnel, facilities, expertise and reputation.

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