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Bible Baptist Church

377 Court Street No 36-114


The ministry of our church is unique in that it has gone through various trials that have allowed God to bring us to the current purpose and function in the community. We can break the 37 years of ministry into four very different periods.

The early years, beginning in 1971, experienced great successes, which led to the element of a prideful staff and ministry. It was a time of witnessing many families coming to the Lord Jesus as Savior. The ministry quickly became self-supporting and it required the need for land and facility. We also established Plymouth Christian Academy, which would graduate four high school classes. The ministry purchased 25 acres of land and created a bond issue for the building of a 25,000 sq ft building. An economic slow-down caused delay in the completion of the building leading to a division in thought among the members, leading to a physical division that would deal with our prideful ways.
The Years of "Pride"
The Years of "Humility"

There were six years of humility (1976-1982) under the chastening hand of God. While the church and school ministry would continue, in reality it was a time of survival as we endeavored to keep both going. During those days, our pastor received little or no salary.  God was good to provide what was essential to sustain the pastor and ministry. Debt increase eventually closed our school with the last graduation class in 1980. Struggles continued as various bondholders would sue the church and pastor. Thankfully, God controlled all the tragic events and provided the miraculous sale of the land and building to the paying of all debts.

The Years of "Seeking God"

The hurt and humiliation led to both healing and a new focus. The humbling years included evangelistic outreach with a different flavor. The emphasis centered on "disciplining" others in Christ, so that new and older believers would be strong in the Lord. Pastor introduced us to the Canadian Revival Fellowship, which helped to enhance a new love and devotion to God. God approved the shift in focus to the degree that He closed every door to any purchase of land or facility. These years were occupied with scriptural memorization much prayer and continued outreach and building of believers. Our pastor concentrated on exposition of the scriptures in every service. He also became the Senior Chaplain at the Plymouth County Jail and House of Correction. During these ministries, he developed unique programs of instruction to reach hurting and seeking individuals. These special programs provide insights to overcoming the many trials and temptations in life.
"Deeper Commitment to God and Others"

Reflecting on our years, we do believe that "all things work for good." Every joy, heartache, victory, and defeat has worked together to the glory of God. What you have viewed in this web site is a testimony to the truth of these thoughts. Our desire is to continue to fill our future history with the exaltation of God, evangelization of the lost and edification of believers.