Bible Church of Westville

307 Delsea Drive

About Us:

The Bible Church of Westville would like you to learn about the Savior of the World and to be conformed to His Image! This is accomplished by being confronted with the Living Word and the Written Word.

The Bible Church of Westville sole purpose and desire  is to Biblically fulfill the mandates of Scripture by balancing  Evangelism, Worship and Education in all aspects of it's Ministry.

The Biblical independence of the Bible Church of Westville gives it the liberty to be completely autonomous. Since 1948 they have chosen to be in fellowship with other churches of similar doctrinal beliefs and practices in the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches.

A. Glenn Doughty, M.Div. has been shepherding The Bible Church of Westville Since 1970! This is longer than some pastors in your area have been alive. But he is not really all that old since he began his ministry very young.