Big Als Vancouver

16615 SE 18TH ST

Big Al's Vancouver offers classic family friendly tenpin bowling with light balls and ramps to help give younger kids a chance.

Bowling is good low impact exercise, offers practice with numbers and is a chance for the family to play together.

There is also a large family arcade on site with a mixture of skill, novelty and redemption games to keep most ages amused.


anticringe 21

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Nice arcade and bowling. I went bowling there about 5 times. Bowling is pretty cheap but arcade might be a little expensive so I recommend going to big Al's only during happy hour if you're going there just for the arcade. Happy hour gives 50% off most arcade games, not all, but most. Also it's good to mention that the fun card system just makes everything so much easier. There's lots of choices for not only the arcade but also for food and drinks. I never had any food there, the only thing that I had was red bull. Finally, the downside is that They always have something broken, for example, if you want to play some coin dozer games 1-2 token exchange machines might be broken. In total it's a great place to go, usually not crowded, lots of arcade, and family friendly.

Stephanie Wright

Friday, Aug. 3, 2018
We have been coming in once a week since the Kid's Bowl Free program started for the summer, today though, we ran into someone who was a little more serious about their bowling game than my 7 and 6 year old and was not so nice to us about the way my children were bowling. I brought it to the attention of the front desk and asked if we could move. The ladies up front went out of their way to make sure I got a good spot where my children could have fun. They even transferred our game to the new lane so we didn't loose any of our game that we had played. The manager came by later and made sure we were okay and that the lane was working well for us. The service is always great. Thank you for giving a great place to have some summer fun with our kids!

Jackie Gustafsonil

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018
Fun place for the family! Surprised they offered the vegan Beyond burger, and it was delish! Theire fries are perfect. Kids meals are $7 and they get a $5 play card for arcades. Can't beat that. Kayla was our server in the VIP area and she was awesome!! She was extremely busy and was on top of it all. We will definitely be back.

Calvan Johnson

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
High energy fun center has bowling lanes and arcade games for reasonable prices. Bowling lane had quite a few technical glitches, and needed to be reset multiple times. Adult beverages are served, and overall experience is fun

Rob Joseph

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
I hate it. It's almost not fair for me to review such a place. I would rather have my eyeballs delicately sliced open with a machete and then my lids held open while salt was packed on top of the fresh wounds until a solution of vinegar and iodine was used to wash it all away. That would be much much more pleasant than being at Big Al's. It's not you Big Al's, it's me. I just don't like suburbia. I also don't enjoy sensory overload. I do like good food. And I think arcade games should be less expensive than $1.50 per play. I think that restaurant service should be considerate and enjoyable. But also.. I just don't like places like this. You should definitely go here if it will keep you from standing in lines for ice cream on 40 degree days on Alberta. If this place will keep you from ruining another perfectly good breakfast place... If you just want to be seen at a place like Stanich's rather than respect the burger that has been coming from that kitchen since before you were born then you should absolutely go here.. you'll love it!! Lots of people can see you.