Biscayne Elementary Community School

800 77 Street

About Us:

Biscayne Elementary Community School was established in 1941. Over the years it has evolved into a nurturing and dynamic educational environment. Biscayne Elementary serves Pre-K - 6th grade students in the northern Miami Beach community. Our total population is approximately 1000 students, including the following ethnicities: 10% White Non-Hispanic, 5% Black Non-Hispanic, 83% Hispanic and 2% Asian/Indian/Multiracial. Approximately 88% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Biscayne Elementary is a Title I Funded School utilizing allocated funds to address the specific needs of students. In addition, special programs aimed at meeting the academic needs of our students are in place. These programs include: The Exceptional Student Education Program delivered through a full inclusion model for students with diagnosed exceptionalities; The Limited English Proficiency Program which provides instruction in English for students of other languages; The Extended Foreign Language program which allows for additional multidisciplinary instructional time in Spanish to students; A Gifted Program that provides academic and cultural enrichment for students who meet the required criteria; The Academic Excellence Program (AEP), which provides academic enrichment through instruction using critical thinking techniques. These programs focus on improving the academic achievement as well as the social and cultural development of all students.

The principal, and three assistant principals, serve as the instructional leaders of the school. There are forty-six classroom teachers, six ESE teachers, two elementary guidance counselors, one speech therapist, a media specialist, eight special area teachers, a reading leader, nine full-time paraprofessionals and one full-time media clerk employed at the school. There are forty-six teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree, 34 teachers who have a Master’s Degree, 5 teachers with Specialist Degrees and 3 teachers with Doctoral Degrees. The ethnic make-up of the staff is 32% White Non-Hispanic, 18% Black Non-Hispanic and 50% Hispanic. The student-teacher ratios are at state-level requirements as evidenced by data reported on the District and School Profile Report.

The Florida Department of Education grades Biscayne Elementary as a “B” school for the 2003-2004 school year. The school grade has fluctuated between “A” and “B” over the past four years partly due to a mobility rate of 35.