Black Horse Pike Regional School District

580 Erial Road

Mission Statement

The mission of the Black Horse Pike Regional School District is to educate a diverse population in an atmosphere consistent with the ideals of a free and democratic society.  We are committed to an exemplary educational program, based upon the Core Curriculum Content Standards as adopted by the State Board of Education.  It is the expectation of this district that all pupils achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels.  We will continue to improve pupils' and teachers' technological literacy as a means of preparing for the future with confidence and creativity.  Our schools will ensure the safety and security of all pupils and strive to provide the best learning environment.  We will enhance our pupils' growth by providing them with a creative, purposeful, and ethical atmosphere.  We are dedicated to providing our pupils an opportunity to achieve academic goals, develop good citizenship skills, and make a positive contribution to society.

We believe that a public school in a democratic society must educate for diversity in an atmosphere of freedom.  As our students grow and develop, we trust that creative and purposeful actions will dominate their lives.  It is our belief that their interpretation of the world depends on the kinds of ideas that fill their minds.  If those ideas are weak, superficial, and incoherent, our students' lives will be uninspired, uninteresting, and chaotic.  If the ideas are energetic, profound, and rational, their lives will be motivated, enriched, and meaningful.


dani paris

Thursday, March 8, 2018