Blanchard Road Alliance Church

1766 South Blanchard Street

Our Mission

Forming a people through Christ to glorify Him everywhere.

Our statement of mission captures four different aspects of our purpose:

What We Do
We work with God to form a people that are God's very own, not merely individuals but a people connected with God, each other and people beyond our church. Forming God's people involves growing in holiness and adding new people who are growing in Christlike character. We are committed to doing our work together, in relationship with each other.

How We Work
We do our work not in our might or power but through the person of Christ, through the work of Christ, through the power of Christ and through the Spirit of Christ.

Why We Work
With such ministries as prayer, leadership, teaching, small groups, and many other things, we form God's people to give our great God and Savior Jesus Christ the glory He deserves. God forms us that we might give Him glory as a people.

Where We Work
Given God's excellencies, we form God's people to give Him glory everywhere in their lives, everywhere in our community, everywhere in our world. From everywhere inside of us to every country in our world, we work to bring God glory.